How do you decide what to include in LawNewsIndex?

While the team of individuals involved with TheLawMap all have their political and philosophical leanings, but TheLawMap as a project does not subscribe to any of those leanings. Legal news items published within LawNewsIndex does not represent any particular viewpoint. Since the blog is an archival medium, the aim is to represent all perspectives.

A simple question is asked of each news item - would someone interested in law want to read this article? If the answer to this question is yes, the article would be included.

The legal community is diverse and doesn't just comprise of legal practitioners, researchers, academics and students. So for the purpose of discussion LawNewsIndex includes news items and articles that define 'law' as -
  • Practice of Law
  • Study of Law
  • Interpretation of Law
  • History of Law
  • Literature on Law
  • Legislation
  • Jurisdiction
  • Law and order
  • The impact of law on society in general
  • Human Rights
  • The business of Law
  • Political aspects of Law
  • Philosophy of Law
  • Governance of International Law
  • Lawyers
  • Judiciary
  • Law students
  • Legal academics
  • Legal journalists
  • Legal activists
  • Law firms
  • Barrister's chambers
  • Law school
  • Conveyancing
  • Patents
  • News of conferences, publications or forums on any of the above
  • Art, films or books inspired by Law or the practice of Law 

For a complete archive of Law News dating back to 27th January 2011, please visit - 
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